Bow Season  (October 15 - January 31)

$500- a day

Gun Season (November 21 - January 31)

$1,500- 3 DAY

Includes Lodging and Food 

$2,000- 3 day (During Rut)


“Fair chase” is the name of the game at Sawgrass Plantaion. Located in the heart of the Black Belt, known for huge antler growth, we take pride in the representation that we have for our trophy bucks. We do extensive work on burning and off season feed programs. It has been a mystery for others to figure how we consistently harvest 140 – 160 class deer on our prime Black Belt property. Sawgrass provides the bedding area for several thousand acres that surround our property. The adjacent land owners all have 8 point or better limits only. Each year Buckmasters sponsors a big buck contest out of Meridian, Mississippi (45 minutes from Sawgrass Plantation Lodge). This is an open contest that means you shoot a trophy, take the deer to Meridian and then enter free of charge. In 2008, Sawgrass placed two deer in the top 25 for the MS-AL open division. In 2007 one of our adjoining land owners placed 1st with a 23 pt typical and scored over 190 points.

We have limited dates for hunting so as not to put too much pressure on the game. We call this “hunt and rest.” We have 15 shooting housesthat rangefrom tall to short and another 35 sturdy metal ladder stands along with 30 green fields to choose from. There are hardwood bottoms, creeks and old watering holes located throughout the property. You may bring your own tree stand if you prefer.